grammy hunters oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Grammy Hunter’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

An old family recipe that we love! Buttery, sweet, and delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Grammy Hunter’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies I fell in love with these cookies, when I met my husband, and visited his family – for the first time. That was about 13 years ago. Grammy...

cream cheese cake batter bars

Cream Cheese Cake Batter Bars

Easily, turn your box of cake mix into these delicious cream cheese cake batter bars! Creating the perfect treat for cake batter fans! Cream Cheese Cake Batter Bars How fun do these bars look? They are very easy to make, and require no butter, or eggs. They can satisfy...

lunch box m&m cookies

Lunch Box M&M Cookies

A simple cookie batter, studded with miniature M&M candies. Making them the perfect lunch box m&m cookies! Lunch Box M&M Cookies We love cookies! And, we love M&M’s, too! When you combine the two – it’s a perfect match! How could you not reach for a colorful M&M topped...

homemade whey dog treats

Homemade Whey Dog Treats

An easy recipe for “homemade whey dog treats.” Only 4 ingredients needed, and dog approved! Homemade Whey Dog Treats. After making my Simple Homemade Crock-pot Vanilla Yogurt – Which you should totally check out!  I had liquid whey left over, and saved it. Homemade whey is excess liquid that has been strained...

rice krispie s'mores bars

Rice Krispie S’mores Bars

Rice Krispie bars and S’mores are combined to create a delicious treat! Rice Krispie S’mores bars are packed with marshmallow goodness! Milk chocolate chips get mixed in. More milk chocolate chips get melted, to spread on top. Rice Krispie S’mores Bars These were so quick and easy to make....

peanut butter cereal bites

Peanut Butter Cereal Bites

Creamy peanut butter, a little butter, corn flakes, and powdered sugar – make up these peanut butter cereal bites. They get rolled in colorful sprinkles, for a healthy and delicious snack! Peanut Butter Cereal Bites These little peanut butter sprinkled delights are perfect for an after school snack! Add...

snowball dog treats

Snowball Dog Treats

Snowball dog treats – your dog will happily beg for more! Extremely easy to make. Made with 3 everyday ingredients – which means, you can bake them at any time. Snowball Dog Treats The dogs had ran out of treats, and I wanted to whip some up, fast! I...

chocolate chip banana bread

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

A healthy, and delicious loaf of chocolate chip banana bread. Made with less fat, and sugar. With the addition of chocolate chips, of course! Chocolate Chip Banana Bread This loaf of chocolate chip banana bread, doesn’t last long. Once it’s cool enough to eat – we devour it! It’s...

simple homemade crock-pot vanilla yogurt

Simple Homemade Crock-Pot Vanilla Yogurt

Let’s talk about this simple homemade Crock-Pot vanilla yogurt, which is creamy, all natural, and delicious! Made at home in your own kitchen, using your Crock-Pot. Simply healthy, without any artificial ingredients. Simple Homemade Crock-Pot Vanilla Yogurt I always wanted to make homemade yogurt. I thought is was really...

peppermint corn flake sno-cap cookies

Peppermint Corn Flake Sno-cap Cookies

A simple cookie batter with crushed peppermint candies, toasted corn flake cereal, and chocolate Sno-cap candies. Peppermint Corn Flake Sno-cap Cookies These cookies are fun and festive. Peppermint and chocolate seem to go well together. A fresh batch of peppermint corn flake Sno-cap cookies are great during candy cane...