apple butter donut muffins

Apple Butter Donut Muffins

These easy apple butter donut muffins are full of apple flavor! Dipped in melted butter, then rolled into a cinnamon sugar mixture. Made with your favorite pancake mix. Be sure to make a double batch, these will disappear fast! Here’s my homemade apple butter recipe, that I used to...

homemade apple butter

Homemade Apple Butter

Freshly peeled, and sliced apples, are slow cooked with sweet brown sugar, and aromatic cinnamon. Creating a delicious homemade apple butter, straight from your kitchen! Homemade Apple Butter With five apple trees in our yard, I had to make fresh homemade apple butter! It’s so easy to make, too....

peach butter zucchini bread

Peach Butter Zucchini Bread

Here’s a great use for my homemade Peach Butter recipe. Bake a loaf of peach butter zucchini bread, with a brown sugar topping.  Sweet homemade peach butter gets mixed into the batter. Along with a healthy dose of freshly grated zucchini. Made with white whole wheat flour. Peach Butter...

cake batter granola bars

Cake Batter Granola Bars

Get ready to sink your teeth into these cake batter granola bars! Holy sprinkles… You get to have your “cake” and eat it too!  Cake Batter Granola Bars I’m very excited to share these fun granola bars! Especially, since it’s my birthday! And… every birthday should involve sprinkles, in...

peach banana nice cream

Peach Banana Nice Cream

A cool, creamy, and healthy treat. No ice cream maker needed, and made with 3 ingredients. A great snack or dessert for the whole family. Great for any food lifestyle. Raw/Dairy free/Soy free/Nut free/Gluten free/Vegetarian/Guilt free “ice cream.” * You can also make this vegan, by omitting the honey! ...

peach ice cream

Peach Ice Cream

This peach ice cream is made with pureed peaches. Milk gets sweetened with sugar, and cooked to form a custard base. The custard base gets mixed with whipping cream and churned, for a soft serve style ice cream! We can’t forget to add some fun ice cream toppings! Peach...

basic banana bread

Basic Banana Bread

Basic ingredients for a quick, and easy, banana bread. Nothing complicated here… Just mash. Mix. Bake. And enjoy! Basic Banana Bread Banana bread is so easy and tasty. We often have bananas in the house. I love bananas! We eat them raw, make smoothies with them, and I love...

zucchini cake

Zucchini Cake

This recipe for a moist and fluffy cake, is made with freshly grated zucchini. Comes together fast, and will disappear just as quick! Spread on your favorite vanilla frosting, and dig in! Zucchini Cake We still have zucchini growing in the garden! I peeled and grated our home grown...

rise and shine smoothie

Rise and Shine Peach Banana Smoothie

Wake up to this easy and fruity smoothie every morning! Made with 3 ingredients! So… Let’s rise and shine with this smoothie and start the day off right.  Rise and Shine Peach Banana Smoothie This smoothie is so simple and practical to whip up. You just need peaches, frozen...

chocolate chunk granola bars

Chocolate Chunk Granola Bars

Homemade granola bars made with heart healthy oats, crispy rice cereal, and chocolate chunks. A chewy granola bar that holds it shape. All natural and no preservatives! Delicious chocolate chunks in each and every granola bar! Chocolate Chunk Granola Bars These granola bars are an excellent choice to add...