mandarin orange biscotti

Mandarin Orange Biscotti

Time to make these Mandarin Orange Biscotti cookies! Coffee and mandarin orange biscotti break! Do you need a coffee break? These biscotti cookies are crunchy, with a hint of orange flavor. Great for dunking! You’ll get a very light and delicate flavor, from the mandarins. The juice and rind are...

peanut butter flaxseed dog treats

Peanut Butter Flaxseed Dog Treats

These peanut butter flaxseed dog treats are made with 4 ingredients! Do your dogs love peanut butter? All three of our dogs, love peanut butter. And they loved these peanut butter flaxseed dog treats! These treats are made with 4 ingredients. Peanut butter, ground flaxseeds, eggs and flour. That’s...

peanut butter cup scones

Peanut Butter Cup Scones

Peanut butter cup scones, for breakfast! I would like to introduce… peanut butter cup scones! Soft and fluffy scones team up with peanut butter cups. Then get drizzled with a tasty peanut butter glaze. This is perfect for peanut butter lovers!  The glaze itself, is really good. Grab a glass...

spinach flaxseed dog treats

Spinach Flaxseed Dog Treats

Spinach flaxseed dog treats, are dog approved! These treats are very easy to make, for your special fur-babies. Just six basic ingredients are used in this recipe. You’ll need: spinach, ground flaxseeds, bacon grease, an egg, water and flour. You can see the pretty flecks of green, from the spinach....

fried banana bread

Fried Banana Bread

Fried Banana Bread?! Oh yeah! Let’s fry up some banana bread! I used my Healthy Banana Bread recipe, and decided to fry some up. Dusted the tops with a cinnamon and sugar mixture. A little icing drizzle to top it off.  Doesn’t it look so pretty?  Serve with fresh fruit...

mini chocolate chip cookies

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Let’s grab a handful of mini chocolate chip cookies! Are you familiar with those tiny, packaged mini chocolate chip cookies? If you have kids, you may understand what I’m referring to. Sometimes, they tend to pop up from school parties and other kids sharing. Once your child likes something, they...

healthy banana bread

Healthy Banana Bread

This is one delicious and healthy banana bread recipe. This recipe has only 2 Tablespoons of oil.  Along with.. vanilla yogurt, cinnamon, nutmeg, ground flax seeds and triple “w” flour. The triple “w” flour, is white whole wheat flour. I use triple “w” flour in a lot of my...

red velvet bars

Red Velvet Bars

Red Velvet Bars with Valentine M&M’s… You’ll fall in love with these bars!  If you enjoy red velvet desserts and m&m’s, then these are perfect for you!  We enjoyed ours topped with ice cream for dessert.  After having two snow days, last week, these red velvet bars were a...