Large Batch of Playdough

This large batch of playdough is so fun and easy to make!  Our five year old son, Landon, started kindergarten this year.  We had a sign in sheet for playdough and I was the first one to sign up!  Landon and I, have made play dough before and I...


Pumpkin Cake Cups

These pumpkin cake cups are just like cake balls.  You know you end up eating, like four cake balls.  These pumpkin cake cups are just a little bigger than the traditional cake balls.  Same process, bake a cake and let it cool.  Crumble the cake and add frosting.  Mix...


Triple Apple Muffins

Looking for an apple packed muffin?  Well these are triple apple muffins!  Packed with 3 times the apple goodness!  Fresh apples, apple cider, and apple butter are all in one muffin.  Talk about a fall inspired muffin.  Oh, also made with white whole wheat flour.  These make great school...


Brown Sugar and Maple Syrup Banana Bread

We love banana bread!  That’s the best part of buying bananas.  Sometimes the same banana bread recipe needs to be changed a little.  A little variety in the banana bread department is fine with me.  Our son, Landon, won’t turn banana bread down, unless it has nuts.  He get’s...


Kid Friendly Crock-Pot Chili

Here in our home, we’re fans of chili.  Especially, in the cold months coming up.  My husband doesn’t like celery, onions or chunky stuff in his chili.  Which is fine, less prep for me to make chili.  Chili is normally an easy dish to prepare.  There are tons of...


Pumpkin and Banana Smoothie with Chocolate Drizzle

Pumpkin season has arrived and it’s time to add pumpkin to anything you can!   I needed to use up some leftover pumpkin from baking my Pumpkin Cream Layer Cake with White Chocolate Pumpkin Frosting.  Which is a really delicious cake!   It was also warm out and I...


Pumpkin Cream Layer Cake

Pumpkin season is here!   I shall introduce you to, Pumpkin Cream Layer Cake with White Chocolate Pumpkin Frosting.  Yes!  I think you two will become, great new friends this fall season.    You have no idea!   This cake is extremely good!  The star in this cake is...


Pet of the day – Cooper

Today our pet of the day is Cooper!  He’s around 9 -10 years old and a Blue Heeler/Australian Shepard/Border Collie Mix.  Whew… Say that one three times fast!   This handsome outdoorsman, was adopted from the humane society in 2006, by Matt and Katie.  Cooper is a good “big...