double peanut cookies

Double Peanut Cookies

Calling all peanut fans… These double peanut cookies, are for you! Packed with roasted peanuts and chocolate covered peanuts!  Grab the peanuts! Time to bake, a batch of double peanut cookies. I grabbed a bag of chocolate covered peanuts, from the store. I had planned on using them, in a recipe....

easy chocolate drops

Easy Chocolate Drops

In the mood, to make candy? These easy chocolate drops, are quick and fun to make. Using, 2 ingredients! No molds or special equipment, needed. Let’s make, easy chocolate drops, today! You’ll need any flavor, chocolate chips and sprinkles. I used white chocolate chips, and semi-sweet chocolate chips. If you like...

strawberry cream popsicles

Strawberry Cream Popsicles

Strawberry cream popsicles, are refreshing and creamy! All natural ingredients! Get the popsicle molds out, and let’s make popsicles!   I decided to coat them with chocolate! Allow them to thaw, for 5 minutes, before biting into the frozen chocolate.  Let’s eat strawberry cream popsicles, all summer long! Homemade popsicles,...

oatmeal coconut toffee cookies

Oatmeal Coconut Toffee Cookies

Oatmeal cookies, with tasty coconut and toffee pieces! These are my new favorite cookie! So much flavor!  Oatmeal Coconut Toffee Cookies, are drool-worthy! Let me tell you… These cookies just won my heart! Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, are one of my all-time favorite cookies.  But… these are so darn good!...

butterscotch cashew biscotti

Butterscotch Cashew Biscotti

Butterscotch chips and chopped cashews, are a tasty combination! Such a simple biscotti recipe, with lots of flavor! A hint of cinnamon and butterscotch chips, peeking through each biscotti. Bake these butterscotch cashew biscotti, for a loved one, today! Surprise that butterscotch and cashew fan, with this easy biscotti recipe....

chocolate biscotti

Chocolate Biscotti

A simple chocolate biscotti recipe, to make in your own kitchen.  Grab a cup of coffee and let’s start dunking, these chocolate biscotti cookies!  Let’s sit down and take a break. You deserve it! So, make yourself a cup of coffee. Grab a couple of chocolate biscotti and enjoy...

oreo truffle brownies

Oreo Truffle Brownies

Are you a chocolate fan? Do you love brownies? What about oreo truffles? Now you get all three, in one dessert! Plus, sprinkles! How can you go wrong with that combination? Truth is… You can’t! Oreo Truffle Brownies, are seriously addicting! Make sure you’re able to share these with someone....

easy homemade cinnamon rolls

Easy Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Do you love cinnamon rolls? Well, we are huge cinnamon roll fans! You can make a fresh batch of easy homemade cinnamon rolls, at home. Easy homemade cinnamon rolls are seriously, easy to make in your kitchen. I have been making homemade cinnamon rolls, for years. I have tried other...