My name is Vanessa Conley, creator of Vanessa Baked. Welcome to my about page! I provide recipes and photos, for you to enjoy and share with your family. All photos are taken by me. The recipes on this site are simple and delicious. I want to encourage you and your family to get in the kitchen, and bake together. Make memories as a family!  I want your baking experience to be a fun and pleasant one.

* Recently gluten-free & working on recipes to share. You can visit my gluten-free recipe list here.

Our son, Landon, loves to help out in the kitchen!  We make kid friendly recipes, that are Landon approved!  You can see him in action, helping to make these watermelon and cherry ice pops or these delicious creamy fudgecicles!

Occasionally, I share tips about baking, that I’ve learned over the years. I make some recipes a little healthier, by cutting down sugar and fat. I enjoy adding a little healthy factor to certain recipes, by using white whole wheat flour. Like I did in these Chocolate chip m&m cookies. Don’t pass up these, Oreo Truffle Brownies, also made with white whole wheat flour! Use your ripe bananas, to make this recipe, Mexican Hot Chocolate Banana Bread. 

Bake for your dogs! You can also find dog treat recipes here! These Homemade Bacon Dog Treats, are a huge hit with dogs! Made with 4 simple ingredients. My dogs, couldn’t get enough of these Spinach Flaxseed Dog Treats! My dog treat recipes, are very easy and made with simple ingredients. My dogs give every recipe – 2 paws up! 

You will also find a Pet of the day, section.  If you love pets as much as we do, you will appreciate this part of the site.  Pets are fun to have and become part of the family.  You can read about the pet of the day and see photos of them here.  

Thinking of starting a blog? I created this page, on how to start your own blog! I list the main steps to get you started. Those are the same steps, that I used to get Vanessa Baked started. Once you’re ready to get started, I created this page to Set Up Your Blog. Simple steps, with pictures, to help you get your blog set up.

Visit my channel on YouTube! I post all kinds of family friendly videos on my channel “Vanessa Baked” – garden videos, baking videos, family adventures, animal videos, & more! 

 The photos are courtesy Katie B. Photography  She took these fun photos of our family.  She’s a great photographer, check out her page! 

I’m new to blogging and learning more, everyday.  I wanted to share my recipe creations and favorite recipes, that I’ve tried and enjoyed. I hope you enjoy these recipes, as much as we do!

Things about me:

  1. I have a huge sweet tooth and addicted to sugar.
  2. I was born in Illinois, lived in Texas and now, live in Michigan.
  3. We have six animals- 3 cats and 3 dogs.
  4. I’ve had braces, twice in my life.
  5. I can still do a one handed cart-wheel.  (My son, thinks that is so cool.)
  6. I have a younger brother.
  7. I like taking pictures
  8. I wanted to be a figure skater, when I was a kid. (But… Never ice skated before.) 
  9. I like fishing.
  10. I crack my knuckles.
  11. I’m pretty good at drawing. (Giraffe drawing. Kitchen drawing. Lion drawing. Elephant drawing.)  
  12. I love roller coasters.
  13. I can’t keep house plants alive.
  14. I re-phrase sentences into a song.
  15. I talk to my animals, a lot.
  16. I want to have chickens, for fresh eggs.
  17. I picked our sons name, Landon, from a movie – A Walk To Remember
  18. I’ve seen ghosts.
  19. My biggest pet peeve – people chewing with their mouths open.
  20. I have walked 4 dogs and pushed my son in a stroller, all at once.
  21. I have an obsession with white tigers and big cats.
  22. The elf on the shelf creeps me out – he watches your every move.
  23. I like to clean and do laundry.
  24. Love seafood.
  25. I like all kinds of animals.
  26. I enjoy funny kid and pet videos.
  27. Favorite show – “The Walking Dead”.
  28. I love sleep and taking naps.
  29. I like to watch scary movies and shows.
  30. Found out I had a major food allergy, on my first date with my husband.
  31. I think lady bugs are cute!
  32. I like to crochet.
  33. I’m pretty quiet when you first meet me.
  34. I like to drink tea.
  35. Donuts make me happy.
  36. Recently gluten-free.

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About Vanessa

Welcome to Vanessa Baked! Sharing recipes for you and your family to enjoy! To learn more about me check out my About page. Thanks for stopping by!