peach butter

Peach Butter

A very simple, homemade peach butter recipe. That uses 3 ingredients! A beautiful fruit butter, that is great on toast, oatmeal, yogurt, or cottage cheese. Great to bake with. Makes a wonderful gift, for that special someone in your life. 

homemade peach butter

peach butter

Peach Butter

So easy to do. I used my crock-pot, and it came out great! You can double the recipe without any issues. Great for gift giving, freezing, or canning. 

Here’s what I did: I peeled the peaches, and diced them. Placed them right into the crock-pot. I used 8 cups of freshly peeled and diced peaches. I added 1 cup of packed brown sugar, and 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon. Set the crock-pot on low, and cooked for 6 hours. I would lift the lid and stir the fruit, here and there. I mostly, just wanted to peek in and see how it looked. Of course, a little taste testing was in order. I came to the conclusion that it’s pretty darn good!  After the 6 hours are up, I let the slow cooked fruit, slightly cool. I used my immersion blender to turn the fruit into a smooth and delicious fruit butter. I ended up with 5 cups of peach butter. I spooned the peach butter into clean jars with lids. I made sure the peach butter was completely cool, before placing in the refrigerator, or freezer.

Grab some peaches and make this easy and delicious peach butter! 

Peach Butter – Makes 5 cups                peach butter

  • 8 cups diced fresh peaches (peeled)
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Step One: Peel the skins off of peaches. Slice and dice peaches, until you have 8 cups (about 8 or 9 large peaches, or 13 -14 small peaches). Place them into a crock-pot. Mix in the brown sugar and cinnamon. Set the crock-pot to low, and cook for 6 hours. Stir, occasionally.

Step Two: Allow the peach butter to slightly cool. Use an immersion blender, to blend the fruit and make a smooth fruit butter (you can also use a blender, or food processor). Place in jars and allow the peach butter to completely cool, before storing in the refrigerator. or freezer.

By: Vanessa

Get in the kitchen, and bake up some memories!
peach butter


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12 comments on “Peach Butter

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  2. celli

    How sweet this butter must taste, I can imagine some on vanilla ice cream.

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    1. Vanessa

      Hi Tammy!
      I would say two months, in the fridge. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Laurel

    Did you have a problem with the peaches turning a bit brown without lemon juice added? It looks nice and light colored in the pictures.

    1. Vanessa

      Hi Laurel!

      No problems with peaches turning brown. The color in the pictures is exactly how the peach butter turned out. I just added the freshly peeled peaches and slow cooked them. My recipe uses brown sugar and cinnamon – so the overall end product will not be bright orange. A little lemon juice won’t hurt anything, so feel free to add some. :-)

      Thanks for the stopping by! Happy Baking!:-)

    1. Vanessa

      Hi Leigh!

      Peach butter is safe to can. Follow proper canning procedures for safe canning.

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