Pet of the day – Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a short-haired, grey, tabby. She’s a very devoted, family cat! 

pet of the day - cinnamon

The Pet of the day, is Cinnamon!

She’s such a sweet girl. Cinnamon, was adopted from my grandparents ranch, in Texas. I remember, when she was a tiny kitten and decided to take off and run. She crashed into a wall!  It was so funny!  She sprinted right into the wall. She sat down, shook it off, and ran in a different direction.  

How cute are her little paws? She was exploring, at our new house, in Michigan. We have a lot of trees at our new place. Which is so nice!  I’ve been wanting a yard that has trees in it. Now we have lots of beautiful trees and shade!  That makes me so happy!  Cinnamon likes going outside for a little while, on nice days. 

cinnamon - pet of the day
She looked like a fluffy cinnamon roll, when she was a kitten.  Kittens are so cute!

Cinnamon and Landon…

Cinnamon, is so sweet to our son, Landon. She loves to sleep with him, when it’s naptime, or bedtime. She will hang out in his room, all day long. Landon, isn’t ready for bed, until she’s with him. Cinnamon, really helped him transition from our big move. We moved from Texas, to Michigan, in the summer of 2013. She still sleeps in his room and cuddles with him, every night. 

Cinnamon’s journey.

I would like to tell you about, an amazing journey. That Cinnamon took, to find us. This is a truly, remarkable story. About 9 years ago, we lived in Von Ormy, Texas. We needed to move in, with my in-laws, in San Antonio, Texas. We packed up, all our stuff and took it to their house. It was late and Cinnamon, was nowhere, to be found. We called it a night, and needed to get some rest.  

Cinnamon - pet of the day

I was worried about her. First thing in the morning, we came back to our old house, to check on her. Hoping to see her, waiting at the door. When we arrived, she wasn’t waiting for us. We couldn’t find her. She would always come to me, when I called her name. She wasn’t showing up. This isn’t normal for her. We came back that night and called for her, again. We let our neighbors know, that we were looking for her. And to call us, if they see her show up, at the old house. We left out fresh water and food for her. We came back, the next morning and she wasn’t around. I was sad, and thought something happened to her. We checked in with our neighbors, hoping to hear good news. Unfortunately, they haven’t seen her. 

Around four days later, I was in our bedroom, watching TV. It was almost dark out and I hear a cat, meowing. I thought it was a stray cat outside, or something. Josh, my husband, comes up the stairs, holding a cat and says, “Look who showed up!” I was confused at first. I didn’t recognize the cat he was holding. I said, “What are you talking about?”  

He was working on a vehicle, in the garage. He heard a cat meowing, it ran up the driveway. She wouldn’t stop meowing, until he noticed her. She came right up to him and started purring. He brought her inside, to show me. I couldn’t believe it!  I didn’t believe it! There is no way! She was a little rough looking and lost some weight. I put out some food and water for her and she ate and drank. She traveled around 10 miles, from our old house, to my in-laws house. That was amazing!  I had never heard of anything like this before. I can’t even imagine, what her little cat brain was thinking. How did she make this journey?  She was determined to find us!  I went to the library and read about other people’s cats, traveling to find them. Some cats traveled, across states and showed up at their owner’s front door, months later!  These were remarkable stories!  Our pets are truly, amazing!

 Don’t leave me behind! Just a few week ago, we closed on our new house. We started to pack and move our things. I had the cat crates, by the front door and ready to load. When I loaded the cat crates in the truck, guess who climbed into the crate and was ready to go?  Yep, Cinnamon, jumped up on her own and just laid down in one of the cat crates!  She was calm and in the crate all morning, until we were ready to drive off!  She probably wanted to make sure we wouldn’t forget her!  Funny cat!

pet of the day - cinnamon

But First… Let me take a Selfie!


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2 comments on “Pet of the day – Cinnamon

  1. Carol

    She did take an amazing journey to find you. Such a sweet cat! Great story.

    1. Vanessa

      Carol, I’m glad you enjoyed her story. She’s been a good pet to our family.