Pet of the day -Taylor

Meet Taylor, she’s the pet of day!   Taylor is a three year old Blue Heeler/Australian Cattle Dog.  

Taylor’s original name was going to be, Jill.  On the first night she was brought home, she was in her little basket howling.  She was “singing” for her mommy.  That’s when her new owner’s Tim and Carol, decided to rename her, “Taylor Swift.”

As a puppy, she was known as the “land shark” of the house.  She would constantly try heeling people and bite at their feet and ankles.  Taylor loves the sprinkler and “looks like a shark” while biting at the water!  She fits right in with “Shark Week!”

  She’s always stealing things from around the house.  She liked to steal socks left on the floor, stuffed animals from the toy box and anything she can get her paws on!  The house had to be “puppy proof” every day.  Once she realized nothing was available to steal from the living room, she started to steal off the kitchen counter.

Taylor is quite the Diva!  She stole a five-dollar bill off the counter and her owner, Carol, was chasing her around the house. You can imagine the fun she was having when Carol, was chasing her!  We all need a little spending money..right?

A favorite item she enjoys is butter!  If butter gets left out on the counter, she will make sure she gets her share of it!   Talk about a diva moment!

Taylor loves to catch the Frisbee and is very good at it!  She also enjoys to go for bike rides!  Her top speed has been clocked at 19 miles per hour; while pulling her owner, Carol, on her trike!  Awesome Taylor! 

Get that Frisbee, Taylor!  

Run Taylor..Run! 

Yes! She got it! Good job Taylor!

Thanks for stopping by to meet Taylor! 

But first..Let me take a Selfie!



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2 comments on “Pet of the day -Taylor

  1. Beth

    Taylor is beautiful and sounds like she is a lot of fun!

    1. Vanessa

      Beth, thank you for stopping by!