Pet of the day – Cooper

Today our pet of the day is Cooper!  He’s around 9 -10 years old and a Blue Heeler/Australian Shepard/Border Collie Mix.  Whew… Say that one three times fast!   This handsome outdoorsman, was adopted from the humane society in 2006, by Matt and Katie. 

Cooper is a good “big brother” to Samuel and Cora.  He likes to keep a close watch on baby Cora.  If baby Cora is upstairs and starts to cry, Cooper will whine at the bottom of the stairs.  He whines and wants mom, Katie, to check on Cora.  He loves being part of a family and has become a great dog!

 How cute is he, posing for the camera!  Good Boy – Cooper!


Cooper was a former stray, living out on the streets, before the Humane Society found him.  Spending most of his life in the streets, he had to become “street smart” in order to survive.  Cooper was very protective of his food and very aware of the smallest noises outside.  He’s come a long way since his days out on the streets.  One of Cooper’s fears are lights, like flashlights or the fire truck lights passing by his house. 


This lucky boy loves to be outside.  His favorite hobby is hiking!  Can you believe that Cooper has hiked in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, California, Nevada and Hawaii!  Guess which one of those states was his favorite place to hike?  Cooper’s favorite place to hike was in Hawaii!  He loved to get all muddy in the rainforest.  Another enjoyable place for Cooper to hang out, is on the beach.  I don’t blame him, with a view like that!  I would love to hang out with Cooper! 


Cooper likes to pretend that he doesn’t enjoy getting a bath.  Once he’s all lathered up and getting a good scrub down, he loves it!  Cooper would make a day job, out of chasing cats and lizards.  You know, people really do that for a living.  He looks qualified!

Thanks for stopping by to meet Cooper!  All photos are courtesy Katie B @ Katie B. Photography.


I think Cooper and a furry four-legged friend near you would love a fresh batch of homemade dog treats!

Homemade Apple Dog Treats


Homemade Bacon Dog Treats


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