Pet of the day - Diamond

Pet of the day – Diamond


The pet of the day is Diamond!

Diamond is a 13-year-old, Siamese mix.  She is very shy and timid around strangers, especially kids.  She will stay hidden most of the day. Especially when our son, Landon, is awake.  When he gets into bed and the house is quiet, she comes down to cuddle by me.  She used to be pure white on her legs and body.  As she has gotten older, she has changed to a smoky grey color.   

We adopted her from a pet shelter, when she was 2 months old.   At the time we lived in an apartment on the second floor.  I really wanted a dog, but it wasn’t practical for us in the apartment.  So, we went to a pet shelter to look at the animals.  When I saw her, I needed to spend one-on-one with her.  My husband said,  ” I will go fill out the paperwork”.   We took her home that same afternoon.  


On our way home, I was calling out different names to her.  None of them sounded good or seemed to fit her.  I looked up at a billboard and saw an advertisement for “DIAMONDS”.  That’s it…Diamond!  That’s how we  picked out her name.   

Diamond is a very low-key cat.  She keeps to herself and is pretty quiet.   She does like to sneak my husbands night-time drinking water, by our bed.  It drives him crazy!   


  She’s very scared to go outside.  She will take a few steps out and turn around to come back inside.  She’s also afraid of the vacuum cleaner.  She will fly out of a room when she hears the vacuum near by.   Loud noises just freak her out.

She loves to hide under the comforters on our bed.  She makes a tunnel and all you see is a lump on the bed.  We have accidentally squished her a few times.  It’s like a mini cave for her and she feels safe.    

 Pet of the day- Diamond      She’s a sweet girl.

 But first..let me take a SELFIE!  



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