Pet of the day - Dominic

Pet of the day – Dominic

Dominic is today’s -Pet of the day!


Dominic is a cream colored, short haired tabby.  He’s about 10 1/2 years old.  We adopted him from my grandparents ranch, down in Texas.  Three cats had a litter of babies just about the same time of each other.  

My grandparents needed to find homes for most of the kittens.  At that time we had two female cats, and my husband wanted to have a male cat.  So, we came out to my grandparents ranch and checked out all the kittens.


We had our eye on an adorable no-tail, short-haired, orange tabby.  Yes, it didn’t have a tail!  Some cats are just born without a tail.  The look really cool without one.  Anyway, he was a nice looking kitten.  Well, my mom had called “dibs” on him and named him Conan.

 Ok… fine…  I guess, we will choose that one over there.  The only male kitten left was a tiny, sick looking kitty that we ended up naming, Dominic.  

Dominic had upper respiratory illness when he was a kitten.  He was sneezing and hacking so much.  We didn’t know if he was going to pull through.  He was so tiny and just a mess.  He made it and grew into a big chunk of a cat!  He likes to eat!


Our cat, Dominic, loves Mardi-Gras beads.  He goes crazy if he hears these beads.  He will fetch the beads and bring them back to you.  He wants you to do it again.  He will just randomly bring out his beads and puts them by your feet.  He’ll just stare at them and look at you and just wait.  

He was like the dog who wanted you to throw the ball.  Once you threw the ball, that meant you’re the designated ball thrower.  Yeah, he was just like that! 

I have to admit I would hide his precious beads.  I would sometimes forget where I had hidden the beads.  As soon as I opened a drawer that had the beads, he would come running into the room.  Oh darn…


 Our son, Landon, loves to run around the house with the beads trailing behind him for Dominic to chase.  

When Landon was a baby, he would play with the cat toys too.  Baby Landon would grab the beads and Dominic was right there.  Baby Landon would crack up laughing and crawl away with the beads!  He would just laugh and laugh when Dominic was chasing after him, to get the beads.  Those were fun memories! 


Dominic can be very loud and obnoxious at times.  He will meow this horrible sound, over and over and over!  He drives us nuts when he does that.  

If the house is too quiet, I need to look for him.  That means he is probably hidden inside a closed closet.   

He’s my little Nicky baby boy! 

But first… let me take a SELFIE! 


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