Pet of the day – Duke


Duke is today’s, pet of the day!  Duke is a 9-year-old mutt.  He’s part German Shepard, boxer, and possibly rottweiler.

Duke was adopted from the streets in San Antonio, Texas, nine years ago.  I was out on a walk with our dog Brooke (she’s passed away now).  I had seen something laying in the middle of the street.  I walked over to see what it could be.  It was something furry and lifeless.  It could have been a raccoon, possum or cat.  I just needed to find out what it was.  

 As I walked closer, I saw a puppy and realized, I was too late.  I looked again and noticed another puppy laying in the road.  There were two puppy’s laying in the middle of the street!  Unfortunately, one of them wasn’t alive.  The other pup was curled up tightly next to his sibling that was no longer alive.  I was surprised because the curled up puppy didn’t move.  His little eyes had blinked but was very still.  He was trying not to be noticed.  It was heartbreaking to see him curled up next to his lifeless sibling.    


Of course, I have to try and save this poor little puppy.  I couldn’t just walk away knowing he could end up like his sibling.  Especially, since you couldn’t tell what it was in the road until the last second.  Nope!  I’m not going to leave him here.  I needed to catch him and get him safe.  

I tied my dog, Brooke, to one of the make-shift fences on the side.  At the time, the subdivision was starting to be developed.  So, there was construction netting used as fencing in the area.   I took off my zip-up hooded sweatshirt and tried to catch this little puppy.  He was so scared and showed his teeth to me.  Not sure how he would react to me.  I threw my hoodie over him and was able to scoop him up!  He was fine once in my arms.  

Then the waterworks started.  I called Josh, my husband, and was in tears crying on the phone.  Trying to explain what I found and what happened.  I was a mess!  I started to head back home, holding this pup in one arm and walking Brooke with the other.  

So, I bring this puppy home to get him off the streets.  I wasn’t planning to keep him.  We were living with my in-laws and I didn’t want another dog.  I was going to take him to one of the animal shelters.  My husband, Josh, took one look at him and said, “We can call him, Little Duke.”  Ok… you need talk to your parents about keeping him.  


And that is Duke’s story.  Turns out, there had been a litter of puppies roaming our new neighborhood.  Several families have taken in a puppy, as well.  Lots of people with good hearts.

Duke turned out to be a laid back dog.  He doesn’t whine about anything.  He loves to lay with his back legs like a frog.   He’s an old man now and has lived a good life. 

But First…Let me take a SELFIE! 


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