Pet of the day - Hennessy

Pet of the day – Hennessy



The pet of the day is, Hennessy!

Hennessy is an 8-year-old Husky mix.  She’s a goofy dog!  We adopted her from some people who needed a new home for her.  She was about 2 months old when we adopted her.  She didn’t have any fur on the tip of her tail.  We weren’t sure if she would grow any, but it all grew back.  Her tail is very fluffy now!  She really doesn’t like her tail being touched. 

Oh, and when it was bath time for her.  She would scream this horrible yelping noise.  I couldn’t believe this tiny pup would freak out so badly to a bath.  I started to give her a treat after her baths.  As she grew older, she learned that a bath means, ‘treats’.  She doesn’t freak out like that anymore.  She can look forward to getting a bath now, because she loves these homemade bacon dog treats!    



When she gets into a playful mood she will spin around in a circle really fast!  It’s funny to see her just go around and around.     

 She doesn’t like her head or paws to be touched.  She will come up to us and want us to pet her.  When we move our hand towards her head, she jerks away.     

Hennessy always looks confused.  Her expressions are really funny!  We always get a good laugh from her.  


 Hennessy has always been really good with our son, Landon.  She would play with Landon all the time when he was baby.  He would crack up when she would play with one of his toys.  They were so funny to watch!   

 This was their first winter here in Michigan, in 2013.  They both loved the snow!  Hennessy was used to 100 degree heat in Texas and she hated being outside.  She has really thick fur and was always too hot.  When we moved up to Michigan and the weather cooled down, she was so excited to be outside.  She would sit out on the porch and smell the cool crisp air. 



Pet of the day - Hennessy

This is one of my favorite pictures of Hennessy.  I really like how black and white pictures look, if its the right shot.  

But FIRST… Let me take a SELFIE!



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  1. Brenda jaco

    You are a wonderful cook, mom and dog lover. Hennessy is lucky to gave you

    1. Carol Conley

      I agree :)

      1. Vanessa

        Thanks Carol!

    2. Vanessa

      Thank you Brenda!

  2. Linda @ Today She Loves

    Love reading your pet of the day posts, especially the wonderful stories about being rescued and such! :)

    1. Vanessa

      Thank you Linda! I need to work on more posts for “Pet of the day.” I’m glad you enjoy reading them! :-)