Pet of the day - Pepper

Pet of the day- Pepper

The Pet of the day is Pepper.

This is Pepper.  She is a  4 1/2 year old, Yorkshire Terrier.  Pepper loves to chase birds, squirrels, and bikes.   When Pepper is out on the back porch and wants to come in, she screeches very loudly and will attack anything by the door.  

 We adopted her from old neighbors in Texas.  She was 2 1/2 years old, when we took her into our home.  Her previous owners worked a lot of hours and wanted to find a new home for her.  They wanted someone to spend more time with her.  I always wanted a Yorkie.  It was tough for her at first.  She was so confused and was scared of everything.  Now, she is doing so much better.      


 Pet of the week!

Pepper was her original name, when we adopted her. We changed her name from Pepper, to Skylar.  She wasn’t responding very well to Skylar.  So, we switched her name back to Pepper.  I really liked the name Skylar, for her.  I’m sure she was so confused.  

We were calling her Pepper, then Skylar, back to Pepper.  Then, Pepper-Skylar… Skylar, I mean Pepper…wait, what is her name again?  I just confused myself all over again.

 Here she is taking a nice break in the shade.  Sometimes she will walk around with her stuffed squirrel, and whine.  Not sure what that means?  


 She is posing after taking a bath and being trimmed.  Good, Girl, Pepper.  

Pepper isn’t that great of a walker.  She pulls and tries to run forward.  For being so small, she’s a strong little thing.  Then she gets tired fast and will try to find a shady spot to lay down and rest.  


Pepper- Pet of the day


 How sweet is she, with her spiderman glasses?  She’s always watching to see if you drop any crumbs. 

But first..Let me take a SELFIE!  Here is her selfie!

Pet of the day - Pepper


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