Pet of the day – Winston

Pet of the day is Winston!  We met this handsome boy at my husband’s, Thursday night soccer game.  He caught my eye because of his beautiful glowing eyes!  Winston was with his owner, Kelsey, watching her boyfriend play soccer.   Winston is a 2-year-old, Catahoula Leopard Dog mix.  Kelsey and her boyfriend adopted Winston, a year ago.  He was rescued from Last Day Dog Rescue. This rescue saves dogs and gives them a second chance to find a loving home. This lucky boy had three scheduled euthanasia dates, prior to finding his forever home.  How could someone pass up this beautiful dog?  He’s an extremely easy-going and gentle dog.   When Winston was first brought home, he suffered from separation anxiety.  One day, he was left alone a little too long and his owner’s power drill was found in his bed.  He didn’t chew on it at all.  He really thought the drill would comfort him.  He also took down all of their coats from the closet.  He really missed his owner’s.    

Every morning, Winston looks forward to getting up and going to the dog park.  He enjoys his morning park time and visiting with new and old friends.  He gets along very well with other dogs.  He’s also a celebrity at the dog park because of his glowing blue eyes!  How could you forget a face with eyes like his?  After his busy morning he comes home to relax and is wore out for a good part of the day.  It’s exhausting being a celebrity!   One time Winston was on his lead outside of his home.  He was just hanging out in his yard, near the sidewalk.  When he came in, his owner’s found a big blob of gum stick in his fur!  They cut the gum out and had a good laugh.  They thought you had to worry about gum getting stuck in children’s hair, not the dogs fur!  The gum was safely removed and Winston could go on with his day. Winston has a best friend named, Toby.  Toby is a Collie/Brittany Spaniel mix.  They used to live next door to one another and play every day.  Then Winston and his owner’s decided to move.  Winston was pretty sad when they moved away from his best bud.  Don’t worry, they still get to visit each other and play!

It was really nice to meet you Winston!  But first…Let me take a SELFIE!


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4 comments on “Pet of the day – Winston

  1. Celli

    Gorgeous dog!

    1. Vanessa

      Yes, he is!

    1. Vanessa

      Haha! He was fun to meet!