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Thinking of starting your own blog?  
It could be a food blog, fashion blog, review blog, pet blog, family blog, photography blog, a teaching blog, a news blog, or any type of blog you choose. It’s really simple, and a great way to share your own thoughts, and pictures. You can have a lot of fun, and write whatever you want.

Once you know why you want to start a blog, it’s time to get started!

start your own blog

This post to start your own blog, contains some affiliate links. If you decide to purchase a service through one of my links, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I appreciate the support! It means a lot.


This is a very basic break down, for those of us who aren’t very technological. The purpose of this post, is to help beginners understand what it takes to get started. These are the steps that I used, to start Vanessa Baked. 

(1.) CHOOSE A DOMAIN NAME: You need to decide on a name for your blog, this is called the domain name.

  • QUESTION: What is a domain name?  
  • ANSWER: A domain name, is the name of your blog. My domain name is Which is my blog’s internet address. Instead of data codes, numbers or symbols, you have a domain name. If I didn’t have, I would have some type of code instead. And… who would remember the code to get to my site? Not me…
  • QUESTION: How do I choose a domain name?
  • ANSWER: Be creative! It will also depend on the type of blog you choose to create. Make a list of different names. Try spelling it different. Does it sound good? Will people remember it? Does it reflect your style and personality? Have friends and family help out. Most important, be proud of the name you choose!

Once you have established a domain name, I would recommend setting up a separate email account.

(2.) DECIDE ON WEB HOSTING: I chose to “self” host my blog through They include the domain name fee and web hosting. (I know… this is very confusing, when your thinking of starting a blog.) Bluehost will easily help you out. They have a great customer service support team. 

  • QUESTION: What is web hosting?
  • ANSWER: Web hosting is a service to provide housing, or storage space, for websites.
  • QUESTION: What is “self” hosting?
  • ANSWER: “Self” hosting means to have full control over your site. You are the manager of your site. You decide if you want ads on your site. You choose the theme of your site.You manage updates, when needed. You’re in charge of it all. (I understand, if you feel overwhelmed. It’s a lot to take in, and think about. You’ll get the hang of it, real fast!)

    For a “self” hosting site, it will cost money. It allows your site to have a “.com” at the end of your domain name. For example: Now for free web hosting, it would look like (I have not done any free web hosting services. I can not tell you what it’s like.)

* Note: Be prepared – You will need to pay for the full year subscription, up front. You get the discounted monthly price still. 

  • QUESTION: What do you mean domain name fee? 
  • ANSWER: Once you have a domain name picked out, you want to make sure it won’t get used again… right? You basically register that name, and it becomes off the market. 

I did a lot of research, when I was thinking of starting a food blog site. I decided on, and still use them today.

(3.) INSTALL A BLOGGING SOFTWARE: I installed WordPress, to create Vanessa Baked.

  • QUESTION: What is blogging software?
  • ANSWER: Blogging software, is a software provider for blogs. It’s a “platform” with all the tools you need to write posts, upload pictures, and go live to the internet. 


(4.) SET UP YOUR BLOG! Now you can officially start blogging. Well… It’s mostly learning your way around, and figuring out what to do next. And that’s OK.. because we all started in the same spot.  

*** Follow this STEP- BY- STEP guide to Set Up Your Blog.

The truth is… blogging is a lot of work. If you stick with it and keep going, you’ll get readers. You will need to promote yourself, a lot! Don’t give up!

When I set up Vanessa Baked, it took me 2 weeks, to publish my first post. I was clueless, and overwhelmed. It will take a while to adjust and understand how to navigate WordPress.  

(FYI: This post took me months to write. I kept deleting, and adding new stuff. Deleted some more. Had to make another page, because I had so much information to share.)

CLICK HERE TO SET UP YOUR BLOG –  Easy to follow steps, to get you started and on your way to start blogging! 

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CLICK HERE TO SET UP YOUR BLOG –  You can follow along in another window. Lots of pictures to help you.


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