Meaty Dog Pupcakes

These meaty dog pupcakes were a fun treat for the dogs!  Only made with 3 ingredients!  Made with cooked ground beef, eggs and flour.  It’s amazing what we can make with a few simple ingredients.  All natural, no preservatives or crazy hard to pronounce ingredients.   You just mix...


Crunchy Beef Sticks for Dogs

A nice homemade batch of crunchy beef sticks for dogs!  Made with only 4 easy ingredients and real beef pieces you can see.  The ingredients needed are: cooked – unseasoned ground meat, water, an egg and flour.  Form into a dough and shape into a 14 inch x 5...


Pet of the day – Cooper

Today our pet of the day is Cooper!  He’s around 9 -10 years old and a Blue Heeler/Australian Shepard/Border Collie Mix.  Whew… Say that one three times fast!   This handsome outdoorsman, was adopted from the humane society in 2006, by Matt and Katie.  Cooper is a good “big...


Pet of the day – Winston

Pet of the day is Winston!  We met this handsome boy at my husband’s, Thursday night soccer game.  He caught my eye because of his beautiful glowing eyes!  Winston was with his owner, Kelsey, watching her boyfriend play soccer.   Winston is a 2-year-old, Catahoula Leopard Dog mix.  Kelsey...


Oatmeal Flaxseed Dog Treats

Your dog will love these oatmeal flaxseed dog treats!  Oatmeal and flaxseed are very healthy for us and our furry friends.   These dog treats have some nutritious ingredients for your special doggie.  The oats are full of protein, fiber, iron and more.  Oats are also known to help...


Pet of the day – Duke

Duke is today’s, pet of the day!  Duke is a 9-year-old mutt.  He’s part German Shepard, boxer, and possibly rottweiler. Duke was adopted from the streets in San Antonio, Texas, nine years ago.  I was out on a walk with our dog Brooke (she’s passed away now).  I had...

Pet of the day - Hennessy

Pet of the day – Hennessy

  The pet of the day is, Hennessy! Hennessy is an 8-year-old Husky mix.  She’s a goofy dog!  We adopted her from some people who needed a new home for her.  She was about 2 months old when we adopted her.  She didn’t have any fur on the tip...

Bacon dog treats

Homemade Bacon Dog Treats (with video)

Natural, Homemade Bacon Dog Treats. I started baking these homemade bacon dog treats, about 2 years now.  I would buy dog treats, from the grocery store all the time. Until, some of the big brands started to become recalled. That was really scary, and I looked into making my own dog...