healthy no-bake peanut butter bars

Healthy No-Bake Peanut Butter Bars

An easy recipe for healthy no-bake peanut butter bars that are also gluten-free. A thick peanut butter layer, topped with chocolate! ***(dairy-free, nut-free, & vegan options are posted at bottom of recipe)   Healthy No-bake Peanut Butter Bars These bars are extremely easy to whip up, and aren’t overly...

gluten free funfetti banana bread

Gluten Free Funfetti Banana Bread (with video)

An easy recipe for gluten free funfetti banana bread, a fun twist on traditional banana bread. Made with rice flour and sprinkles, which add splashes of color in each slice! More sprinkles, and sugar, are added to the top for a delicate candy crunch. Watch how I make it...

funfetti nutella swirled banana muffins

Funfetti Nutella Swirled Banana Muffins

Jumbo sized! Funfetti Nutella Swirled Banana Muffins are a healthy breakfast treat! These have become our new favorite muffins! A delicious dollop of Nutella, gets twirled around over the tops of each banana muffin. Creating a tasty, chocolate hazelnut flavor in each and every bite. And… Don’t forget about...

cream cheese cake batter bars

Cream Cheese Cake Batter Bars

Easily, turn your box of cake mix into these delicious cream cheese cake batter bars! Creating the perfect treat for cake batter fans! Cream Cheese Cake Batter Bars How fun do these bars look? They are very easy to make, and require no butter, or eggs. They can satisfy...

cake batter granola bars

Cake Batter Granola Bars

Get ready to sink your teeth into these cake batter granola bars! Holy sprinkles… You get to have your “cake” and eat it too!  Cake Batter Granola Bars I’m very excited to share these fun granola bars! Especially, since it’s my birthday! And… every birthday should involve sprinkles, in...

whole wheat birthday cake cookies

Whole Wheat Birthday Cake Cookies

A large batch of birthday cake cookies, made with white whole wheat flour! LOADED with cake mix flavor, white chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and jimmy sprinkles! They’re ADDICTING! White whole wheat flour is used for these cookies. It is a light and mild wheat flour, with all the...

jumbo funfetti banana muffins

Jumbo Funfetti Banana Muffins

A jumbo banana muffin, with sprinkles swirled in the batter and sprinkled on top! Along with a dusting of sugar, right before baking.  Jumbo Funfetti Banana Muffins: With two perfectly ripe bananas, sitting on the counter. I was going to make my delicious Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins. I decided to...

birthday rice krispie treats

Birthday Rice Krispie Treats

Get ready to become addicted, to these easy treats! Birthday Rice Krispie Treats are so fun!  No cake mix is needed, to make these delicious treats! Birthday rice krispie treats, scream “Happy Birthday!” You can easily surprise the “birthday boy” or “birthday girl”, with a batch of these! I made...

funfetti jelly bean cake

Funfetti Jelly Bean Cake

Fun and colorful, jelly beans… get baked into a cake! Jelly Beans + Sprinkles + Cake = Fun! Use your jelly beans, to make this funfetti jelly bean cake! Did you stock up on, jelly beans? I’m sure, Easter baskets were full of jelly beans. Or maybe, you bought bags...

easy chocolate drops

Easy Chocolate Drops

In the mood, to make candy? These easy chocolate drops, are quick and fun to make. Using, 2 ingredients! No molds or special equipment, needed. Let’s make, easy chocolate drops, today! You’ll need any flavor, chocolate chips and sprinkles. I used white chocolate chips, and semi-sweet chocolate chips. If you like...